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TOP 1 software:AviSynth
our raiting:9 / 10

AviSynth is a very powerful tool for video post-production. It provides almost unlimited ways of editing and processing videos. AviSynth works as a frameserver, providing instant and very fast editing without the need for temporary files.

AviSynth itself does not provide a graphical user interface (GUI) but instead relies on a script system that allows advanced non-linear editing. While this may at first seem tedious and unintuitive, it is remarkably powerful and is a very good way to manage projects in a precise, consistent, and reproducible manner.

Because text-based scripts are human readable, projects are inherently self-documenting. The scripting language is simple yet powerful, and complex filters can be created from basic operations to develop a sophisticated palette of useful and unique effects.

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TOP 10 software list


AviSynth is a very powerful tool for video post-production. It provides almost unlimited ways of editing and processing videos. AviSynth works as a...

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV is a free video editor for fast and lossless AVI and MKV editing. This freeware AVI editor is small, smart, easy to use and involves no encoding/decoding processes. No video / audio degradation and out of sync problem arises after editing. All AVI and MKV file types of any size and video / audio content are supported. Features: Based on SolveigMM Video Editing Engine Supports any video content - DV, XviD, DivX, 3ivX, MPEG-4, etc. Supports any audio...

VirtualDub 1.10.3 Experimental

VirtualDub is a video capture / processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters. It is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read MPEG-1 and also handle sets...

Zwei-Stein Video Editor

Zwei-Stein is a fully functional, non-destructive video editing system which offers many advanced features unavailable elsewhere. With Zwei-Stein you can edit up to 256 video, audio and still image clips. Cropping, panning and custom effects are easy with automatic key frames. New features include pull-down menus and video capture. Input: *.avi, *.wav, *.mpg (no mp3), *.bmp, *.jpg Output: *.avi, *.rm, *.wav, *.bmp


AVStoMPEG is a powerful, reliable and feature-rich AviSynth and CCE/HC GUI for adding filters and convert video to MPEG. AVStoMPEG features supports for many formats and conversion types. It is also a very suitable tool for the advanced editing of a video file, with many advanced features related to this process. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


If you like to convert your Quicktime MOV videos to AVI format, this free software can fulfil your needs. With this program, you are allowed to easy and fast get AVI fomat converted from MOV as easy as 1-2-3. Open video files to the program, adjust output format and you are ready to go - click "Convert" button. The program will do the rest of the process. In the end, you will get quiality AVI video. Features: Conversion of Quicktime MOV to AVI video. All known encoders are supported....

t@b ZS4 Video Editor

t@b ZS4 Video Editor is a multi-track video compositing and editing system with more than 150 built-in video effects including excellent color and chroma keying tools, distortion effects, color adjusters, pattern generating effects and many others. Effect containers can be used to restrict the processing of contained video effects by shape or blending logic. Other features include custom video export size, number of tracks and sub-composites limited only by available memory, custom speed...

FileLab Video Editor

FileLab Video Editor is a free web application to facilitate the video editing process. Process video files directly in your browser for free. Split, cut, rotate, mix video files, add transitions, overlays and visual effects. FileLab Video Editor supports all key video formats: AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, 3GP, SWF, FLV and others. Edit your HD-recordings (AVCHD, MPEG-2 HD, AVI HD, WMV HD, TOD, MTS/M2TS) fast and efficiently. Use ready presets to save video files for further...

Video Module for Drupal

The Module handles every aspect of your video and rich-media needs, including transcoding, uploading and importing content, user management and permissions, hosting and streaming on Kaltura’s servers, and even collaborative editing and remixing of content – it’s simple to install, use and customize, and best of all – Kaltura covers all hosting and streaming costs for FREE up to 10GB. The module was developed specifically for Drupal, and seamlessly integrates with other features and...

Interactive Video Plugin

This is not just another video embed tool - this WordPress plugin enables you to enhance your blog with both basic and advanced video capabilities. Upload/ record/import videos directly to your post, edit and remix video content, enable video responses, manage and track your video content and much more.

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